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Stand up paddle boarding is a popular activity that is becoming more and more popular in the UK. It’s a sport that everyone can learn easily. A paddle board is easy to transport, so you can practice it in many places in the UK. The choice of stand up paddle boards is huge. At KICK we help you find the perfect paddle board that suits you. On this page you can easily filter in the range of paddle boards. So that you can quickly purchase your new paddle board. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Paddle boards for sale

At KICK we have a broad variety of different paddle board brands. On our website we help you to find the most suitable stand up paddle board. Before you choose a specific board, it is important to think about what you want to do with the paddle board. We are offering paddle boards in various price ranges and it is important to look at the possibilities that are offered. In most cases, inflatable paddle boards will be cheaper than the hard boards. This does not directly have anything to do with the quality or durability of the product, but simply with the materials used. Check out our range of paddle boards and let us know if you have any questions.

Different types of paddle boards

There are all kinds of SUP’s in different shapes and sizes that suit different levels and purposes. You can opt for special boards that are suitable for high speeds or rougher seas, but also boards that are made for advanced paddle boarders. It is important to have a good idea of ​​what exactly you want to do and what kind of board you will need for this. The different types of stand up paddle boards are easily divided into two main groups: the inflatable paddle boards and the hard paddle boards. The big difference is that an inflatable paddle board is made of a sturdy plastic and the hard board of foam. An inflatable paddle board is one of the most popular choices here, because it is easy to carry, is often cheaper than a hardboard and can also last longer.

Paddle boards for sale
Inflatable SUP's
Paddle board prices

SUP Paddle board Brands

With a wide range of brands you have a wide choice. KICK carefully puts its range together with the best paddle board brands. For example, we carry the world-famous AQUA MARINA and the emerging Dutch brand MOAI. We are also proud to sell the high quality range of  INDIANA. We have developed our web shop to be as user-friendly as possible to help you find the perfect SUP paddle board.

An inflatable stand up paddle board?

There are two types of stand up paddle boards on the market. These are the inflatable paddle boards and the hard boards. Both have many advantages and disadvantages. Which of the two shapes suits
you best depends on a few variables. An inflatable paddle board is easier to carry and therefore ideal for someone just starting out. However, if you already have experience with surfing or other related water sports, you can easily switch directly to a hard paddle board.

The prices of SUP boards

Another variable to consider when you want to buy a SUP is the price. Stand up paddle boards are offered in various price ranges and it is important to look at the possibilities that are offered. In most cases, inflatable SUP’s will be cheaper than the hard boards. This does not directly have anything to do with the quality or durability of the product, but simply with the materials used.

Paddle board accessories

Stand Up Paddle boarding is a fun and an accessible sport that uses a special type of surfboard and a paddle. It involves standing on a wide board and using the paddle to move forward. It is a sport that is often done on holidays by the sea, but can also be easily practiced in lakes or rivers. It is therefore a popular sport among recreational athletes and people who like to float on rivers, enjoying the view. The popularity of paddle boarding is due to the fact that it has no specific strength or exercise requirements. Everyone can do it and you can decide in which waters you practice this sport. More and more people are buying an inflatable paddle board or a hard Paddle board that they use on weekends or on holiday in lakes or seas. However, in addition to a suitable SUP and a good paddle, you also need a number of important accessories that help you practice this sport safely and pleasantly.

Paddle board accessories


When performing this fun sport it is important that you have the right paddles and handles. You can purchase all kinds of standard paddles via the internet or in stores. You should pay attention to the ideal length, but also whether you get a good grip on the paddle. In most cases you can buy different types of grips with the paddle, so that you have a better grip on the paddle. You can choose from different color handles.

Anklet for supping

When you are paddle boarding it is useful to have a special ankle strap that is attached to the board itself. This will allow you to easily climb on your board when you fall off of it. When you paddle in a river or on the sea, it is possible that you can fall off of your board and that it is taken by the current. In those cases it is useful that you have an ankle strap so that it can never float far away. This can save you a lot of swimming when you are at sea or in the middle of a lake!

Paddle boards for sale in the UK

Buy your Paddle board at KICK

You can easily order various types of stand up paddle boards in our webshop. You can choose from a wide range of different boards in different lengths, widths, and prices. This way you will always find the most suitable board, matching your wishes and skill level.

Best Paddle board UK

Looking for the best paddle board in the UK? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have a large selection of SUP Boards. The best stand up paddle is the board that best suits you. You can find the perfect board easily here. We ship your paddle board within 6 working days in the UK.

Paddle board UK

If you buy a paddle board from KICK, we deliver it within 6 working days anywhere in the UK. Our boards are shipped from Holland to England, Scotland and Ireland. We ship our paddle boards by DHL.

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