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Water sport products

Thank you for visiting our websshop. We are KICK, the number one webstore in EUROPE for watersport products. We sell al sort of watersport equipment from different brands. Our missions is to provide you as much as information as we can. Our ambition is to expand in the future with physical service centers. We hope that we can provide you the information you are looking for in combination with a great web experience. If you need any help feel free to get in touch with us by email of phone.

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Water sports outlet

Water sports are immensely popular with many, and the sale of Paddle boards, surfboards and kayaks has never been so huge. On the other hand, the range has also increased as a result and everything has become possible for every budget and every form of water sports. There are all kinds of options in the field of inflatable water sports products that function just as well as the hard variants. In addition, there are also all kinds of accessories available that previously did not exist. This makes it increasingly interesting for people to practice such sports themselves. Rental of products such as Paddle boards, surfboards and kayaking made people enthusiastic about these sports and wanted to do them at home. This is now possible thanks to the wide range of various water sports products and accessories. Through our water sports outlet you will find all the best brands for the best prices!

Water sports outlet for your water sports products

Having a good water sports outlet is important for finding good brands with good prices. In our outlet you will find all kinds of products from our webshop and showroom with attractive discounts. Because of this, it may just be that buying a special kayak suddenly becomes much more achievable than you initially thought. We think it is important that the best is accessible to everyone and that is why we offer various options in this area. In our webshop you will occasionally come across attractive discounts and the same applies to our showroom. However, you will see the best discounts and promotions in our outlet. Keep an eye out so you don’t miss them!

Compare products based on quality and specifications

In most cases, hard kayaks are more expensive than inflatable kayaks. The reason for this is of course that different materials are used and the fact that once you have to pump up every time and the other you don’t. However, any form of this has clear advantages. It is therefore important not only to buy a product because it is cheaper, but also to think carefully about the specifications. Thanks to our outlet store, expensive surfboards or kayaks can suddenly be just as affordable as an inflatable paddleboard. This allows you to make your choice purely on the basis of specifications and quality. This can lead to you making a very different decision than if there were large price differences in the game. For example, the water sports outlet makes it easier to buy the right products that suit your water sports and quality requirements.

Safety and accessories

You will also find an extensive range of accessories in our outlet store. These can be safety accessories, but also practical accessories. This allows you to make your experiences on the water even better and better. In our outlet you will find a wide range of changing accessories that can help you with the more practical transport of materials, the proper storage of materials, or the better care of the materials. In our webshop you will find many accessories that can improve your safety during water sports. We offer different types of swim vests and buoyancy systems. As a result, you always get help from these floatation devices when you fall off your board or boat and may not be able to be helped immediately. You will also find products such as life jackets, restube and handy ankle straps in our outlet store. Because the range is constantly changing, the products in the outlet store also change. Therefore, make sure you regularly check the new products in the outlet. This way you ensure that you are always aware of the latest developments and you can be first in line when a new attractive product is offered.

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